Our Partnership with GLOBAL ETS

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Global ETS for testing all AKIRA parts. They perform third-party testing for AS6081 and all other quality testing required by our customers.

Exceptional Quality, Outstanding Durability

As a global leader in electronic component sourcing, Akirag Global Inc. provides optimal quality products that are double-checked with our Counterfeit Avoidance Mitigation Process. We do so by following the IDEA1010 standard in-house and sending parts out to a third party state-of-the-art test lab to perform the verification processes operated by regulated third-party facilities.

With Akira Global Inc, your production lines are not only safe from supply chain disruptions but are also guarded against counterfeit electronic parts, giving you a trustworthy service that your business can rely on.

Quality Assurance At A Glance

Akira Global Inc. has a three-layered defense process that enables strong counterfeit avoidance mechanisms. In order to remove bias, each step is fully independent and relies on its own tests to determine the authenticity of electronic components and niche parts. Our superior counterfeit avoidance methodology ensures that no step in the testing process is aware of the outcomes of any other.

Vetted Suppliers

We partner up with trusted suppliers that have maintained an incredible reputation all over the world. Our suppliers provide us with their own testing reports which include the methods used to verify the authenticity of any components we order on behalf of our clients.

Third-Party Test Houses

Akira Global Inc. has partnered up with state-of-the-art testing labs to help Authenticate our componenents. We provide our customers with test data before any components are shipped.

Multi-Step Testing Process

As a global leader in supply chain solutions, Akira Global Inc. has basic testing in-house before sending parts out to third-party test lab.

We operate round the clock to ensure that our clients attain authentic and genuine parts from us to keep their projects moving.

Our Services


Akira Global Inc. provides all its customers with a comprehensive limit warranty on all components sourced from us for your convenience. With our services, your supply chain is in good hands.

Product Lines

Akira Global Inc. specializes in sourcing niche electronic components that are independent of all manufacturing lines, allowing us to source hard-to-find parts without a problem.